Outdoor LED Display Rental

outdoor LED display rentalOutdoor LED display for Event or Stage


Rental outdoor LED displays are wiedly used in all kinds of event, stage, banquet, concert, press conference, exhibitions etc. Dosatronics outdoor LED screens are produced with high quality and through strict test including waterproof test, high brightness test, high-low temperature tes, anti-shock test, anti-dust test etc. All of them has CE, Rohs certficates. We have put some of them up in the website.


Smart and light LED panel is a must in such activities. Because it is costy for engineers and labours to install and dismantle the LED screens in then limited time. They will do a lot of work in assembly, connetcion, debugging, operation, maintenance etc.


Also, in the packing and shiment, flight cases are neccessary. It must be strong, firm, smart, light.

Outdoor Rental LED display for Event or Stage


Thre are some features for Dosatronics LED boards products,

1)High refresh rate and high brigntess is mandatory in the outdoor event activities. Especially fpr the live broadcasting in TV, at least 3840 HZ or much higher refresh rate of the LED screens is a must.

1) Our LED module shell is strong plastic, rubber and some is aluminum, with anti-fire and environenment material, it is also lighter and thinner.
(2) Our modules have strong waterproof and heat-dissipation, the modules can work in the water of 100 degrees or
40 degrees blow zero environment.

(3) All the LED signs can work under extremely cold ,heat,humidity and other extreme environments. None of other competitors can assure such advantages of working normally under such cold and hot shock to the LED modules.

With our own control system, including Novastar, LINSN, colorlight, moonshell and some other control systems,  all the outdoor LED displays can work normally with them.


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